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We help leaders to discover their leadership so they can impact people around them. 

Join us in this 6 week intimate online coaching program.

You will have an increased level of: 

  • Self-confidence to take the next step in your career 

  • Clarity and assertiveness in your conversations with your peers and your leaders 

  • Effectiveness in communicating with your team 

  • Resilience and satisfaction in the work environment  

This program is for you if: 

  • You lead, manage or facilitate a team in a company or

  • You are a SME business owner with team members or staff and

  • You are ready to challenge yourself

And at work, you find: 

  • Yourself saying the same thing over and over again 

  • You get frustrated and annoyed by the people you work with

  • You feel drained of energy

Put yourself in a strong position for leadership roles.

Learn a 360 approach and be able to communicate effectively with your peers, team and leaders above you.  

Here is an overview to the 6-week program.

Module 1: The Creation of Insights 

Module 2: Leader’s Backpack   

Module 3: Leader's Backpack 2

Module 4:The Next Level

What's included


The sessions:

  • 4 X 2.5h sessions over 6 weeks with Becca Jermy & Andra Popa

  • 6 participants in a group 

  • Full support between sessions [24h response via WhatsApp voicenote]


During the program you bring situations that are occurring right now in your life. 

To discover if this program is a fit for you, book a 30-minute discovery call with Becca or Andra below.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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