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Hi, I’m Becca!  

I coach Leaders to navigate their way through challenging conversations:  

👉🏻 To create strong relationships with their team 

👉🏻 To have more time to do the things that are important to them


👉🏻 To grow within their role 

In 2014, I quit my full time employed job and started a fitness business. 

By 2015 there was something fundamentally missing.  


  • Having clarity in my communication 

  • Being able to communicate with different types of people 

  • Having tools to deal with conflict and difficult conversations 


Ultimately.... How to be an effective leader 


I started on my journey to discover tools and techniques that could have me competent in communication and leadership to make the difference I wanted to make to others. 


Now, a decade later, I coach others in the same tools and techniques that made a difference in my business (and in my life).  



Like me, are you looking to level up your communication and leadership skills? 

3 ways I can help you.



guides & articles 

Take advantage of these free guides and articles which are jam packed with everything communication and leadership.

Something missing that you’d like to see? 

Contact me here, and I’ll add it to my list of ideas! 

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