“If you are thinking of working with a personal trainer, I can recommend Becca Jermy to you.

Personally, I was quite apprehensive about getting started - I had gained quite a bit of weight over a few years and hadn’t been doing any exercise at all.  I felt unfit and unhealthy and was approaching my 60th Birthday feeling bad about myself physically. Becca has given me the confidence to exercise and to manage my eating in a healthier way. She is professional, supportive and a great motivator all in a fun way. Now after about eight months I’ve lost 1 stone 11 lbs and I have improved energy levels, balance and co-ordination.


Thanks Becca I feel so much better.”


Retired, 60

Personal Training, Nutrition Plan


Lost 6% body fat

Lost 1 stone 11 lbs 


"This time last year I weight 11 stone and 2 lbs. I used to exercise 3 times a week, and I thought I had a good diet. When I first started with Becca, I thought I was helping her out; being her guinea pig. The first PT session I had, I laid down longer than I actually exercised! I complained about the pain I was in, and that I wanted to stop. I didn’t stop. After the first few weeks I started to lose weight, and I felt I could actually complete a full session without thinking I was going to be sick! I used to think I was fit. I would go to the gym for an hour; running, using weighted machines and cooling down."



"Currently, I exercise 5-6 times a week; 30-40 minutes of interval training and/or weights. Becca's PT sessions taught me to use weights effectively and safely, which has given me so much confidence! Before I was too scared to use them, as I wasn't quite sure how to. Using weights is now my favourite part of working out! I actually enjoy exercise. I also use it to keep my sanity; with a stressful job and busy lifestyle. Becca has taught me so much more than just exercise. She has an incredible knowledge of nutrition and well-being too. She kicks my butt every week with a PT session; pushing me to my limits and believing I can do it. Weighing in now at 10 stone, I have completely changed my body composition, however more importantly I'm a lot STRONGER. The best part is that it has given me the confidence and stamina to complete my first 10k run, with a respectable time - an amazing achievement.  

 Becca has the ability to keep me going when I think I can't do it and has impacted on my life in some many different ways... it is incredible to think what is in store for the next year?!"


Emma Bolam, 24, NHS 


Personal Training, Nutrition Plan, FitCamp


Lost 5.6% body fat

Lost 1 stone 2 lbs 

"I accompanied my wife Sue to FitCamp in May mainly to act as support, as she wanted to lose a bit of weight for her holiday. I thought I was fit; regularly running 3 miles a couple of times a week. After having a wellness evaluation I realised I was not as healthy as I had first thought!

FitCamp has become an essential part of my week - I really miss it if I'm unable to make a session! The classes are relaxed and great fun. Everyone is really welcoming, and so many have become my friends.



Weight has fallen from 98.7 kg to 85.8 kg.

Body fat dropped from 30.4% to 24%.

Waist has gone from 108cm to 93cm.


This has been life changing for me; my confidence and self esteem has risen, and I'm much much happier! I feel like I am one of those people I used to be envious of in those slimming magazines - that's now me!"


Gary Oakshott, 51, Chef Manager 


FitCamp, Nutrition Plan

Lost 6.4% body fat

Lost 2 stone aka 51.6 blocks of butter!!

"I love the challenges, as they help keep me track, with different areas to focus on each week. They are helping change my food choices, without restricting myself. 

The FitCamps are great fun and the team support is fab! On days when I am struggling; there is always a cheery and positive response to help keep up motivation." 


FitCamp, Nutrition plan

"I found the weekly challenges really fun to do, with the banter and encouragement on the whatsapp group keeping me focussed and really part of a community.

I made sure i did lots of exercise although in bite size chunks, with my daughter eager to do the same workout as me everyday.

Without being part of the challenge I would not have maintained the eating/exercise routines that I did. 

Thanks to all those who took part and organised the challenge... see you at the next one!"



"For me it was a massive step to join such a group as I'm not confident in anything sporty. However everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I was never made to feel bad if I couldn't do certain things.

Feeling better week by week made me motivated to keep going. 

Being able to do things at my pace but pushing myself.

I look forward to the next challenge!"