"Stretching the elastic band..."

When we were training for cycling events, my dad would always say "it's just like you're stretching the elastic band". Meaning that by going a little bit further each time, you'd be going beyond the point of comfort AND in time it would become easier.

I find this is apparent anywhere in life; you're at point A, and something has to transform for you to be at point B. You'll need to get a little bit uncomfortable, do something you've not done before, go into the unknown maybe... "stretching the elastic band".

As I was cycling past Watton, a little bit lost and sure I was going to a few miles more than necessary today, I thought about that phrase. It was going to take something mentally for me to go from 44 miles last week, to what I thought would be 60 miles this week... and now turning out to be more like 65/70 miles. It wasn't the fact I'd ran out of snacks, CR7 or water that was really the worry... it was the unknown - could I cycle 1.5 times more miles than what I cycled last week? AND where the hell was I??

Realising the above, and remembering what my Dad would always say, it became a bit easier. As I approached Wymondham, I knew I'd be 15/20 minutes from home, all the worry disappeared.

Being able to be in that position gave me comfort that, my next training event wouldn't be as challenging... and being put in the position again, I knew I could handle it!

"Life begins outside of your comfort zone..."

Photo: https://www.quora.com/How-does-one-maximize-tension-in-a-rubber-band

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