What's missing...?

I'm so grateful, that over the past few weeks, I have had various different people accompany me out cycling. I've been able to reflect on my own performance, and what would get me to the next stage.

Training in Crossfit really allowed me to look at my strengths and weaknesses. Crossfit is an all over sport; if you're skilled at gymnastics, you may not be super strong for weightlifting... it could be considered that to be great at Crossfit, is to be an "all-rounder" athlete. A lot of the times whilst in the box, I'd look at my performance; what areas work, and what areas don't work as well as I'd like them too. What can I put in place to improve my over-all performance … what's missing?

Cycling with Frances and Lucy, I became very curious about what was missing in my performance; as in Crossfit, I could measure myself against other people to highlight my strengths and weaknesses. Soon I noticed what was missing, was my power against wind and my speed up the hills. As an athlete I am very good at endurance; cycling for a really long time!

Part of my training plan is "speed"; cycling as fast as I can for an 1 hour. When I'm out on the roads, I sometimes find that the road surfaces are unsafe to be doing so, or there's a lot of traffic; which in turn slows me down. Therefore, as part of my training I'm going to look at doing a Spinning class.

Hopefully adding in this component, will give me greater speed overall.

It may seem quite simple; I believe that it's not just a case of cycling as much as you can in hoping to complete 100 miles. I do think that looking at your performance as a whole, and adding in an element to strengthen the weaknesses, will have a great impact overall.

Do you want to get to the next stage of your sport, weight loss, or well anything in life really... maybe start to become very curious in what's missing in your performance...

PS The photo has little relevance to the blog... I just really liked it. Photo:http://www.bikeboom.info/quotes/

PPS Thank you, thank you, thank you to Lucy, Frances and Lee for cycling with me <3

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