Week 1 in the bag.

This week, I've fallen back in love with cycling. It's an awesome way to clear your head, and really see the beauty which is Norfolk.

During my "speed" cycling, I realised how much travelling through towns and villages slows my average down when stopping for traffic lights, dodging cars... there's that stop / start feel. i'm going to find a smoother ride for next week... maybe somewhere near the country side!

Nutrition wise...

There's a tenancy to over eat on carbohydrates (paste, bread, rice...) the day before a big ride, and researching on the British cycling website, they advise to eat normally the day before and having some carbs in the evening meal; so I've been adding 50 grams of brown rice to my evening meal the night before.

The article goes on to say that 90-120 minutes before the ride, a great breakfast is porridge with extra protein, i.e. 3 egg omelette; since Herbalife Pro 20 has under 150 calories and 20 grams of protein, I've been adding that to oats an hour or so before my rides.

During my rides, I've been using Herbalife Lift Off in my water... however over the next couple of weeks I'm going to try CR7 as I know from previous experiences that this product is great for giving that extra boost when needed!

Herbalife protein bars are very handy as a snack half way round a long distance ride... however, a client very kindly gave me a slice of healthy flapjack she had made that day, and since it was a hot day I thought I might try it. It was great to have that carbohydrate based snack to increase my sugar levels to finish the ride.

After cycling, I always have a rebuild strength recovery shake; it's easy, nutritious; with protein and carbohydrates to refuel the body, and other nutrients to aid recovery.


This week, my "long distance" average went from 13.3/13.8 to 14.6mph! My aim was to complete between 25-30 miles, I was incredibly happy with 31 miles; over achieving my goal.


- The night before, have some carbohydrate in your meal BUT don't over do it.

- 90-120 minutes before your ride; oats are great, with extra protein to slow down the release of energy.

- Find a great isotonic drink for your ride.

- Remember to pack a carbohydrate based snack for extra energy!

- Within 30 minutes, make sure you have a protein and carbohydrate recovery shake or a meal to refuel and recovery your body efficiently.

Lastly getting savvy clothing and equipment...

I've smartened up on the equipment and clothes I'm wearing; with a new Zacro light weight helmet, a waterproof case for my phone, some women's cycling shorts and shock absorbing foam pad cycling gloves. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to find a suitable and lighter way to carry essential snacks, equipment etc on my bike; I've currently moved from a backpack to bumbag... which has made a significant difference!

Off to Porto for a long weekend away... bye bye cycling for now!

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