22.14 miles... to 100.

Cycling has been a passion of mine since I could walk. Over the years I've cycled up to 50 miles for various charities and days out. Practices would be going out with my dad; getting lost, and dad navigating us home by the good old fashion method – the sun. Thank goodness for GPS!

Over the years I've gotten out of the habit of getting on my bike, it's quite a sporadic occasion these days. My main 2 excuses are; time and I don't know how to fix punctures (yours may be slightly better than mine).

I mainly spend my time at the Crossfit box these days, in my own gym, running or at FitCamp.

After my boyfriend Lee entered the Bournemouth marathon... I kind of wanted a challenge too. He recently just completed 3 months of amateur boxing with a match at the end. After finishing this, Lee had 2 weeks off due to concussion, and still completed the half marathon with 3 weeks of training (AND with a very decent time!).

Although I didn't admit this the other day... he inspires me.

Last night I decided to stop the procrastination, and the "I'll do it at some point", and booked the Norwich 100 miles cycle, June 3rd 2018.

The challenge arises when there's only 7 weeks of training, and I've been out recently for a maximum of 23 miles (and that's me rounding up).

Over the next 7 weeks I'm going to blog the journey; what changes I've experimented within my diet, how I train, and other fun facts about cycling 100 miles.

I already have basic knowledge and fitness on a general basis, so I'll be using google to fill in the blanks...

This is not a "how to", this is just my own journey; take what's useful and leave behind what's not.

I KNOW that some of you can easily cycle 100 miles... I'm going to ask that if that's you reading this, and you have some handy tips, an email would be greatly appreciated! becca.jermy2@gmail.com

Let's get cycling!

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