Personal Training 

Personal Training is a 1-1 session that focuses on your individual needs. 

Before we start ANY exercise, we have a 30-45 minutes free consultation to find out:

- if personal training is the best thing for you

- your goals; what you're looking to achieve short term and long term

- your health and injuries

Within the first few sessions I will structure the sessions based on our first conversation; assessing your strength, mobility, flexibility and fitness. It's common to think that a personal training session is going to be overwhelming; due to the exercises being beyond your capability. All sessions are based around your current capabilities and the goals you want to achieve. 

My clients range from 20 years old to people in their 80's! All different shapes and sizes, with goals from fitness tests to being able to move day to day that little bit easier. 

I work closely with all my clients, and each client's needs are individual.

To start your journey, please contact me for a 30-45 minute consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!