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This powerful 90-minute workshop allows your employees to see how they are interacting with others at work and to give them tools to respond differently in a difficult conflict situations. 

Out of participating in this workshop, you start to have an increased level of: 

  • Clarity and assertiveness in your conversations with your peers and leaders within the company 

  • Effectiveness in communicating with your team 

  • Awareness of what triggers you, and practices on how to deal with that

This workshop is for you if at work:

  • You lead, manage or facilitate a team in a company or 

  • You are a SME business owner with team members or staff and

  • You are ready to challenge yourself

This powerful 2h workshop allows you to see how you are interacting with your team members and will give you tools to respond differently in a difficult situation. 

Our Creation of Insights workshop is designed for those that are leading, managing or facilitating teams and who are ready to challenge themselves.

                                                         Love to hear more...?

Andra is a leadership coach with more than 15 years of experience in leading technical teams. She helps overwhelmed managers and she knows first-hand how exhausting it might be to be a manager and deal with many things, and the impact it has on their wellbeing and their performance at work.  


Becca is a Communication Coach and has developed and grown her own wellness business for nearly 10 years. She knows first-hand how difficult conversations and situations can be, and the impact they have on wellbeing and performance. As a communication coach, she now coaches others in the same techniques and tools she used in her own business. 

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