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1:1 Coaching

I'm here to coach you through those difficult conversations that necessary to have your team, and therefore business, work effectively.

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Yes that's right... you're not alone.
Everyone has conversations they don't always like. 

Honestly? They never go away... how much you avoid them. 


They can feel easier...

...and be more successful.

I'm here to help you, 

Navigate your way through difficult conversations


So you can

Increase your time
Grow as a business owner


Make a bigger impact in the world.



Your business being a priority to your team.

Listening and understanding what you want...

the first time you say it.

Understanding and being invested in your business,

as much as you are.

Delivering results on time...

... and to a high standard. 

What difference would that make on your time, energy and growth of your business?

I'm here to teach you how to navigate your way through those difficult conversations we are all faced within business. 

Yes that's right... you're not alone.

I'm here to help.

Why? I love it! 

I get to watch you, 

Make a big difference to others

& in the world.

What other's say...

"I met Becca 2 years ago while taking a course together. I have known her as a colleague and as a coach - always having her support while dealing with challenges. What I love most about Becca is that she is straight and intentional, no time is wasted! She creates a safe space, in which I’m listened to and in which I get present to new perspectives about myself and the situations that I’m dealing with. I can always count on her to hold to account and out of the conversations with her I realise how much I can do and how much I have to offer. Thank you Becca!" - Andra

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