FitCamp & Nutrition Club

This year we are expanding the way we can support you with your exercise, nutrition and also your mindset.


FitCamp is a community of people who come together with a similar goal; to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Within the session we incorporate nutrition, exercise and mindset, as we know it takes all 3 of these combined to achieve ANY result.

Our FitCamp in Hethersett has been running for over 4 years and is for ANYONE wanting to exercise. We have an incredible community who are friendly, energised and supportive. A few years ago we set up a FitCamp in Little Melton, which Gary has graciously taken on. 

This year we have set up another FitCamp in Norwich, where we have an equally friendly and amusing group of people. 

What's next?

This year we are creating two more FitCamps! 

- A summer FitCamp for those who have time during the day

- A 24FitCamp for those who want to put their fitness to the test!

FitCamp Norwich Sunday's 7-8pm

FitCamp Hethersett Monday's 6-7pm

FitCamp Little Melton Friday's 6-7pm

*** Please note: Due to the Corona Virus, our FitCamps will be running online. Monday's and Thursday's 6-6:45 pm ***



We know that nutrition is a big part of how we feel, recover and basically live. Sometimes it can become a  bit confusing, or we lose motivation or it becomes kinda boring...

Myself and Ellie have created Nutrition Talks  to share with you:

- simple recipes for breakfast, snacks and meals

- how to eat for your goals

- bring a community together to support and motivate each other


If you'd like to find out more of how to get involved in the above, contact me.