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1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching
3 Month Offer

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In our 1:1 coaching sessions, we focus on two aspects:

Leadership & Communication  


Create, and build on, the awareness you already have of yourself: 

  • Learning to deal with, and understand, your own emotional needs 

  •  Manage impulsive feelings and behaviours 

  • Adapting to ever-changing circumstances 


Discover and pinpoint specific conversations you find difficult 

  • Learn and apply tools in your conversations to move past the situations that once held you back 


Create and maintain relationships 

  • Understand the emotions and needs of others.  

  • Your communication is effective; you find yourself being able to motivate others instead of pushing, nagging, or doing the tasks yourself. 


You have the self-confidence to be assertive and clear in your communication with others 

  • Allowing anyone to have any type of conversation with you.  

  • In these conversations you’re able to stay strong in your beliefs whilst listening and understanding other people’s points of view. 

What's included

  • 12 x 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions online via Zoom, weekly for 1 hour

  • Support between each session via WhatsApp voice notes 

  • A session to create your goal(s) for the coaching period (1 hour) 

  • A mid-point check-in session (15 minutes) 

Your investment

  • £2,000 (STANDARD PRICE) 




Limited time offer, available for 24 hours. 

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What other's say...

I would really like to thank Coach Becca Jermy for a wonderful coaching session on Goal Settings and clearing off limiting past patterns.  
Her undivided attention, presence and catalytic questions can help you see fresh perspectives in a situation and reach new found ways to work around goals. Also, she's empathetic and amazing to work with. 
I had a great time talking to her and working things out in a specific direction. 
I would surely recommend her name for any Executive or Leadership Coaching.

Dhamista Roy

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